I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Electronics Engineering Department of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso, Chile.

My resarch interests can be listed as:

  • computational neuroscience
  • biological vision
  • motion perception
  • bio-inspired robotics
  • natural image analysis

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LACONEU 2017 Summer School

"Robotica y Cognicion"
Museo Fonck

SI: Neural Coding and
Natural Image Statistics

Projects involved

  • FONDECYT Nro 1140403: The role of non-standard retinal ganglion cells sensitive to motion features in motion integration tasks (CONICYT, Chile).
  • FONDECYT Nro 1120570: Motion integration mechanisms in mammalian visual system (CONICYT, Chile).
  • KEOpS: Algorithms for modeling the visual system: From natural vision to numerical applications
    Funding: ANR (France) - CONICYT (Chile).
  • CORTINA: CORtex and reTINA modeling from an engineering and computational perspective
    Funding: INRIA Équipes Associées program (France).
  • BioEngineering a new research area for the Electronic Engineering Department.
    Funding: Programa de Inserción de Capital Humano Avanzado en la Academia, CONICYT (Chile).